men's ministry

We believe it's important that the men of the church be present in worship, fellowship, and service both to our church community and beyond. Men at St. John's are invited to engage in God's word together, lead and serve at various events, and to spend quality time in friendship with each other. Scroll down to see what some of our on-going Men's Ministries are. 

Small groups

Interested in connecting with other men to read the Word of God and apply it to your life? We have several men's groups that meet regularly to do just that! You can connect with a group on Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, Thursday mornings, Friday mornings, or Saturday mornings.

men's Fellowship Events

Throughout the year, the men of St. John's come together for discipleship, fellowship, breaking of bread and sharing in the peace of the Lord. We believe that through the time we spend together, God is doing an important work in our lives. Christ has made us brothers, so we honor His gift to us and follow in His footsteps by taking time to worship together, engage with other Christian men, and love others well. 

In the past, men's ministry events have included Man Night, Golf Outings and Retreats on Lake Erie. These gatherings serve to forge deeper relationships with one another, so that the strong and wise among us can help to build up those who are struggling. In this way, we raise up mighty men of God to lead their families and communities in the way Christ has shown us.