Non-Contact Easter Egg hunt

Since we are unable to have our annual Easter Egg Hunt, we are organizing a non-contact Easter Egg Hunt!  To participate, print and color the eggs in the pictures on the bottom of this page, and tape them to a window of your house so they are visible from the street.  It doesn't matter where you live, you can still participate!  Throughout the month of April, as families are out walking, biking, or driving to get out of the house, they will spot your egg in your window!  

If you want to go out and  "hunt" for these eggs and want to keep track of how many you found, use the calendar, found at the bottom of this page, so you can keep your count!  You don't need to get close to the house, keep that social distance!  There will be a prize for the top 5 families who are able to spot the greatest number of Easter Eggs in windows around our neighborhoods, and will be given when we return to church. 

While you are out and about, please send pictures of your family out "hunting" for eggs or coloring the pages for your windows to Josh at

We will post these pictures on the website and on our Facebook page as this continues through the month of April with the hope that it encourages others to participate and to feel more connected as we enjoy a very different Easter egg hunt this year! Happy hunting!