Adult Ministry

At St. John's, we believe growing is an important part of the Christian faith. We offer different opportunities for adults to learn and grow in their faith on Sunday morning. Here are some of the upcoming opportunities that are available:

Sunday Morning Adult Education

Each Sunday at 930 a.m.

Location: Meeting Room A

Join us each Sunday as we discuss a variety of topics and seek to deepen our faith in Jesus and our connection with one another. Questions? Contact Pastor Sam.

Women's Discipleship Group

The women meet once a month at 11:00 a.m. in the 2nd grade classroom on the second floor to continue with Gospel Foundations: A Wandering People, a seven-session study of the books of Exodus through Judges. A Wandering People continues the story of God’s plan of redemption. Join us as we develop a greater understanding of the purpose of God’s rescue of Israel and grow your confidence that God is still working today for the good of His people. All women are welcome to join in! Questions? Ask Mary.

Men's Small Groups

We offer four small groups for men that meet either weekly or bi-weekly. Fellowship is an important part of these groups, but the primary purpose of these groups is to grow in our faith. We accomplish this by either reading through a book together (many of which you can find in our resources section) or by reading the Bible together. If you have questions about these groups, when they meet, or how to join, contact Student Pastor Ben Akers.

Our Men's Small Groups Meet on the following days:

  • Tuesday mornings at 6:00am in the Connected Café (meets weekly).
  • Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm in the East Room (meets bi-weekly).
  • Thursday mornings at 6:00am in the West Room 2 (meets bi-weekly).
  • Thursday mornings at 10:00am in the Connected Café (meets weekly).

Pastor Mike's Crossways Study

Crossways Journey through the Bible

God has left a rather long message…you deserve an explanation. Join Pastor Mike for a two-year unforgettable journey through the entire sweep of Holy Scripture as we seek to deepen our understanding of and our love for God’s Word. Please sign up for this course on the Fellowship of Worship form in worship or by contacting the church office if you plan on attending. Questions? Contact Pastor Mike.