church events

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  • Advent By candlelight

    Friday December 10th, we will have our annual women's Advent By Candlelight event. If you have any questions, contact us HERE!

  • St. John's Christmas Party

    Friday December 17th we will throw our first St. John's Christmas party! This is an event for everyone of all ages that will include food, drinks, caroling, and our kids leading us in the reading of the Christmas story! 

  • Current Sermon series

    We are in the Christmas season! Waiting for the coming of Jesus is a theme all throughout the Bible, and it is the same for us today.  We are currently exploring that together, and you can CLICK HERE if you would like to rewatch a sermon or catch up if you missed a Sunday!

  • Music!

    CLICK HERE to listen to our worship music! Included in this playlist is what Josh chooses for Sunday morning worship, what he plays at home, and what is played in the church office throughout the week!  

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